"Three root canal treatment, 1 wisdom tooth removal and the odd fillings, and if I still like to come back here, it is because of the fantastic treatment and superb service provided by you. The best part about you is that you are more a friend than a 'Doctor'. Having answered all my questions (tons of them) with patience I feel far more comfortable and informed about the dental treatment. You are the best. Thanks a lot and wish you all the best.Mr.Anand Munoth

"The implantation process was very professionally done. Thank you very much. I am glad I came to you for the dental issue."

Mrs Priya Mary Mathew

Effective treatment gives complete satisfaction. The advantage of the interaction with the doctor has given me the opportunity to understand the basic issues to take care of my teeth and oral hygiene.

Mr Sampath Kumar

"The whole treatment was done with extreme professionalism. Explaining each and every step, providing necessary guidance and extremely courteous. The environment is very hygienic and friendly. Definitely would recommend for others."

Mr Ramanan

"Laser treatment was quite comfortable and absolutely no pain at all, very smooth and appeared to be an easy procedure for the patient. Better to prefer this over conventional surgery"

Mr Ramabadran

"She is an excellent doctor; she analyzes the problem of the patient very nicely. They keep the patient record also very well"


"The doctor is very kind and sympathetic and the treatment given by her is excellent. The staff's working with the doctor are also very nice. 'A very hospitable hospital'


"Excellent office atmosphere. Customer care is also excellent. Keep it up for all services."

Ms Anusuya

"Very good doctor to approach. Excellent in explaining the facts and patience to convince the patients' to undergo treatment. Very happy to meet such excellent doctor."

Mrs.Lakshmi Jagannathan

"This is my first visit and I feel very impressed."


"No words to explain her service. It's really very very good. My hearty thanks to you Madam."

Ms. R.Malar

"Very very excellent atmosphere in the clinic. Neat presentation and display of treatment modalities to the patient and doctor gives a lot of confidence to the patient"

Dr Chamundeeswari

"Excellent treatment. The music therapy works"

Mrs Saraswathi Sreenivas

"Wholistic care, meticulously and gently given to the portals of my oral cavity with blissful background music. Thanks and God bless you abundantly"

Dr.A.J.Premkumar Satya

"Detailed answers for repetitive questions, very patient and practical in handling the patient . Excellent service!!!"

Mrs Anitha Chari

"Very professional, correct and measured analytical capacity and can rely upon for any type of dental treatment"

Mr Parthasarathy

"Explanation is very nice about future problems in our teeth. Kind service"

Mr Prakash

"Excellent approach and great in all respects."


"Very positively energized place and doctor."

Dr.K.Raghavendra Karthick

"Very courteous staff and doctor.Excellent team with great concern for patients."

Ms G. Thanoosha

"Clear explanation of the problem and possible solution provided. Very practical and good solution offered to the patients."

Ms R.Savitha

"Explained in detail and made you understand why the treatment is necessary. Good attitude."

Dr. V. Suthanthira Vanitha

"Painless treatment, dedicated and patience towards the patients."

Mr. Kartik Venkataraman

"Sterilization followed out here is excellent and of course warm welcome too with necessary guidance."


"Keep up the good work, achievements and beautiful smile . We need more people like you around... smile indeed!!!."

Ms Sravanthi Kadiyala

"Very educative and the check up was detailed and excellent treatment."

Dr Uma

"Great meeting Dr Vidyaa. Looking forward for more such meetings. Pretty neat clinic and very impressive too."

Mrs Sangeetha.P

"Excellent communication and explanantion. Learnt a lot about the teeth."

Mr N. Saravanan

"Excellent explanations and neat professional approach."

Ms.L. Aparna

"I ll strongly recommend this dental clinic & Dr.Vidyaa Hari to everyone."

Mr.N.Arun Kumar

"The Treatment and the service what she has given to me was fantastic and excellent. I am very happy and satisfied with the fabulous treatment. Smile Dental Clinic is a clinic which will give life to the teeth. I am very thankful for the EXCELLENT AND MARVELLOUS SERVICE & TREATMENT. MAY GOD BE WITH 'U' ALWAYS"


"Dr.Vidyaa and her staff put me at ease, I have too much dentist anxiety otherwise. Dr.Vidyaa is also very good with the surgery and also at explaining things"

Mrs.Priya Kharbanda

"Dedicated service and treatment given by the doctor Vidya Hari and her Team. It is really appreciable; God Bless them."


"Fully satisfied with the treatment given."


"Laser treatment is a good way of surgery. There is no pain in this and very effective."

Mr.N.Saketharam Reddy

"Very Positive approach."


"Very effective, sincere and personal caring doctors who cares for the well being of all."


"Service provided by the doctor Vidyaa Hari Iyer was really very caring and supportive; the pain was also care and cured in a fantastic way."

Mrs.Hema T.V

"The laser treatment was less painful and had no bleeding. It was interesting to see the changes and it was a good one."

Ms.S.B.Bargavi Shri

"Laser treatment is a good way of surgery. There is no pain in this and very effective."

Mr.Saketharam Reddy

"Very caring and good approach of doing it. I did not feel any pain. I am fully satisfied. I have to say only a word "THANK YOU" and it was a pleasure to do it."


"Laser implantation done. Very educative and understanding. After care is very good. Doctor is very patient."


"Procedures were explained well and the treatment was done in a comfortable and highly professional way. All the due explanations were answered to the fullest detail. I wish the doctor all success in life as well as in profession."


"Excellent, I was so scared of root canal and extraction but Dr.Vidyaa made me enjoy the treatment. Three cheers to herMs.Saradha Sudhakar

"Highly satisfying and personal care taken. The clinic and the Doctor (Dr.Vidyaa) will go a long way. ThanksMs.Rita Mishra

"I am thankful to Dr.Vidyaa Hari, since she is dedicated to her profession, I am also in a safe position. Thanks to Lord Balaji, he has sent me to a nice dental doctor.Mr.D.Chidambaram

"Very happy with the service; was able to gain more information on dentistry. It was good to know, what the doctor is going to do, which keeps us prepared for the treatment. Music therapy also keeps us very cool.Mrs.Sivagama Sundari

"Have never seen any dentist explaining dentistry so well with visual presentation. It helped me in taking better care of my teeth. Great service.Ms.Subhashini

"Elaborate explanations on the problem, procedure was given. So friendly and thanks to her that I did not feel the pain.Ms.Lakshmi.N

"Explanation to all questions helped me to understand the problem of take corrective action. Long term care appreciated friendly team.Laser treatment was good and comfortable felt very relaxed after the TENS. Very good feeling.Mrs.Alli Ravishankar

"Doctor is very friendly. She explains the procedure very well. Common people like us understand very well. The ambience and atmosphere is very good. I am out of fear now.Mrs.Indira Gopalakrishnan

"I was very happy with the treatment doctor's explanation through photos and listening to our problem patiently gave a lot of confidence. The positive approach to the problems gives patients a lot of confidence. The procedure was also done with minimum pain. Thanks to Dr.Vidyaa, I think I have found a good friend and dentist, so I don't have to worry about my teeth."Mrs.Ganga Kumar

"I feel very comfortable with my implant and I comment Dr.Vidyaa's patient method of doing it, so as to make me feel comfortable"Mrs Prabha Raja