Chief Dental Surgeon

The Director handles critical and appearance related cases of dentistry. She is responsible for articulation of vision and mission of the clinic, evolving strategies and leading towards vision, overall-in-charge , controls and supervises the operations of the clinic. She reviews the progress and meets customers for their feedback, on case-to-case basis. She focuses on newer and modern methods of dental treatment in order to improve success rate and customer satisfaction. She also decides to finalize suppliers, evaluate and manage them. Other responsibilities include control of finance, review of Quality Management System and management of internal/external interfaces for assuring continuous improvement of clinic's performance, goodwill, image and goals. She is also primarily responsible for maintaining the Quality Management System, as per ISO 9001:2008, as a Management Representative. She procures dental materials and equipments for the clinic. She makes all presentations for patient education, updates the infrastructure and keeps track of payment of various insurances.Smile Dental Clinic has pioneered itself being the first clinic in Chennai city to practice Biodental waste management in private sector.

Associate Dentist

She is responsible for conducting basic dental treatments like scaling, dental fillings, preparing and fixing of dentures etc. She gives the report to the Chief Dental Surgeon of all dental treatments conducted by her, in the course of the working day at the clinic. She follows proper regulatory and safety norms, analyses and reports all nonconformities to the Chief Dental Surgeon and analyses and carries out corrective and preventive actions for all nonconformities. She does patient consultation, assists the Chief Dental Surgeon during emergency surgical procedures and acts as a first assistant during major surgical procedures, prescribes medication to the patient, monitors the x-rays of the patients, takes care of lab records and maintains clinic accounts.

Receptionist / Computer Operator / Officer-Administration

She reports directly to the Chief Dental Surgeon on daily basis, attends phone calls, customers and does customer counseling. She is primarily responsible for the entire clinic administration. She also looks after the customer care function of the clinic. She directly places purchase orders with proper consent of the Chief Dental Surgeon. She gives direction to patients and helps in writing clinical case sheets, maintains the clinical case sheets, takes care of bank accounts and other external works of the clinic. She also maintains a soft and hard copy of all clinical records.

Clinical Assistant

She reports directly to the Chief Dental Surgeon. She helps and coordinates with Chief and Associate Dentists during dental treatment. She is primarily responsible for sterilization of the dental instruments, disinfection of the dental equipments, cleaning and maintenance of the dental clinic. She also maintains the stock of the dental clinic, taking into account the consumable and non-consumables, equipment maintenance and general cleanliness of the clinic.